Open source

Life Guard

The DPC need a tool that would allow them to easily identify (on a map) the needs of municipalities and departments on the basis not only of their preparedness for natural disasters, but also to evaluate their response capabilities. In order to manage that, a hackathon was organized for the DPC (Direction de la Protection Civile) to find a viable and dynamic application to assist them in its task of controlling the level of preparation of the different communes before a risk, so they can save more lives during disasters.


This application is a powerful tool that facilitates monitoring for risk and disasters management in Haiti.

It facilitates data processing and optimize DPC's interventions.

SoveLavi integrates a secure and friendly user interface to retrieve data from municipalities. It also offers the possibility to submit forms which has been filled offline.

Disaster Resilience

Disaster Resilience – a mobile application which strongly supports people as well as rescue teams in emergency situations. Our product is maintained by three amazing advantages:

- Only one big red SOS button in the main screen. Concise and focused.
- Maximize the delivery of signals with preference of Internet, phone network, GPS connection and then flashlight, sound and Bluetooth.
- Signal is automatically sent when SOS button is kicked off.


There is a estimation that if the evacuation was properly conducted, the majority of the two thousand casualties may have survived from the Tsunami that struck the Tohoku region in 2011.

"Nigechizu"(Evacuation map) is a method to visualize the proper evacuation route and time in the vulnerable areas for Tsunami. Initially by workshops, the residents will be enthused and alerted to recognize the risk of Tsunami using there own time and effort.

Flood AR

The simulation program shows the AR images of the aviator created based on your personal profile and depth of water, projected on the the street where you are walking.

The survivors of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake share the difficulty of evacuating in water. They say the black water takes away the visibility of the ground condition which is full of debris. And strong currents make it difficult to walk straight.

Flood AR was developed based on the real voices of the survivors of the tsunami and coded by a developer in Ishinomaki who actually experienced a tsunami.


It is possible to find and upload the picture books on disaster management.
And print to translate the country after language portion.

I will complete in 4 steps to create.
1. Upload
2. Text Mask
3. Select Langage
4. Translation

Complete only 2 steps ( 3 and 4 ) if you have uploaded.

Even without knowing the language of the original, can be translated from those that have been translated in the language that you can understand is also available.

It can be distributed in the download to the children in this.

SITA - School Infrastructure Tracking Application

A mobile-based application that will allow stakeholders (SMC members, NGO staff, Government officials) to track the status of infrastructure facilities in schools, like toilets, drinking water, barrier-free access etc., and provide feedback on their maintenance. This GPS enabled application will allow users to upload the photographs of the ground reality, and enter the status of the infrastructure from a list of available parameters.

We Are Ready

Idea of 'We Are Ready' (WAR) was to be ready in case of emergency. We can issue NFC enabled weather resistant wrist bands ( cost around Rs.35-60, can get cheap with more quantity) people who are entering heavily visited place for a price of Rs.50 and collect basic and medical details along with Emergency contact person and phone number. We can give back Rs.25 if they return the tags in reusable condition after the journey. We have to issue cheap NFC scanners with offline storage capabilities (Rs.


During the recent Kedarnath cloud burst it was very difficult to locate and triage people during natural calamities leading to increased causalities. The tool we built enables paramilitary forces to assess the severity of the different groups of people dispersed through region.

The way we envisage the real time implementation of the project is: