During the recent Kedarnath cloud burst it was very difficult to locate and triage people during natural calamities leading to increased causalities. The tool we built enables paramilitary forces to assess the severity of the different groups of people dispersed through region.

The way we envisage the real time implementation of the project is:

RFID tags are assigned to all pilgrims after registering their mobile number and UID details to have the ability to access their demographic details quickly. Beacons are located across the path which measure people intensity across the region.

In case of a disaster and the beacons are washed away/non-functional. Drones are launched to enable data aggregation (RFID strength, RFIDs in a particular group to understand demographics, live video footage). We can use the RFID strength to understand the density, RFID tags to prioritize what medical aid is needed(based on demographics related to the tags), and live footage to assess the equipment for the rescue operation.

Key features: 

Population density collection, location severity assessment, demographics of the people in dispersed groups