Life Guard

The DPC need a tool that would allow them to easily identify (on a map) the needs of municipalities and departments on the basis not only of their preparedness for natural disasters, but also to evaluate their response capabilities. In order to manage that, a hackathon was organized for the DPC (Direction de la Protection Civile) to find a viable and dynamic application to assist them in its task of controlling the level of preparation of the different communes before a risk, so they can save more lives during disasters. For this purpose an application was powered by the Py Master group.

1. Institutional Presence
2. Plans and municipal procedures
3. Material resources
4. Trained human resources
5. Intervention Resources

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Key features: 

interactive Map
friendly user interface





Application LifeGuard

Great (fully functional) app!

The tools used are modern (Django, Heroku, GitHub) and mastered, and show that you master those modern app development technologies!

The potential to transform this app into a full blown professional app is great! Good job guys (and girl) in such little time!

Good luck for the competition!