Disaster Resilience

Disaster Resilience – a mobile application which strongly supports people as well as rescue teams in emergency situations. Our product is maintained by three amazing advantages:

- Only one big red SOS button in the main screen. Concise and focused.
- Maximize the delivery of signals with preference of Internet, phone network, GPS connection and then flashlight, sound and Bluetooth.
- Signal is automatically sent when SOS button is kicked off.

- Simple: Easy to understand and apply from the first time without any direction.
- High interactions between users through visual dot in the Map, with comment and sharing function.

- Provide useful and informative knowledge about first- aid skills and disaster preparation, response and recovery.
- Weather warning is always updated. SOS signals are collected by service and can be used later to analyze, to forecast and have a better preparation.

Key features: 

Quick SOS signal.
KNOWLEDGE: useful information about disaster preparation, response and recovery and first-aid skills.
MAP: Recognize you and your family member's location; safe and dangerous areas; the movement of storms, etc.
SHARING: share information about safe/dangerous places and help others.
WEATHER: Updated information about daily weather; extreme weather and other disasters.


Disaster Resilience demo (with English subtitles)

Disaster Resilience



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