This application is a powerful tool that facilitates monitoring for risk and disasters management in Haiti.

It facilitates data processing and optimize DPC's interventions.

SoveLavi integrates a secure and friendly user interface to retrieve data from municipalities. It also offers the possibility to submit forms which has been filled offline.

Once data are available, SoveLavi uses an interactive map to display key information about the municipalities: risks identified for each communes, the percentage of preparation of each commune for human, intervention and material ressources, the indicators to evaluate answers...

This facilitates the decision-making for DPC and give them the flexibility to adapt their plan of action to better address a disaster.

It is also a tool to convey important information to users and get their feedbacks. This is an interesting way to increase the numbers of people who is aware of natural disasters and get them informed about the risks.

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Key features: 

Save data for municipalities and departements
Interactive map
Feedback Collection via sms
Generate excel report from the forms
Allow the submission of forms filled offline


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Congrats guys! Good work.

jnermano's picture

Congrats guys! Good work.