We Are Ready

Idea of 'We Are Ready' (WAR) was to be ready in case of emergency. We can issue NFC enabled weather resistant wrist bands ( cost around Rs.35-60, can get cheap with more quantity) people who are entering heavily visited place for a price of Rs.50 and collect basic and medical details along with Emergency contact person and phone number. We can give back Rs.25 if they return the tags in reusable condition after the journey. We have to issue cheap NFC scanners with offline storage capabilities (Rs. 2500) at check points to men who will be at checkpoints who can count the people going up or going down, which can be easily recovered soon, by selling NFC tag. They will not be able to see the details of the person who they will be scanning. However for police, doctors, rescue professionals an android app will be given which on scan will reveal details of the person. Users can also opt for sending SMS to emergency contact after crossing every checkpoint for a price of Rs.20.

For emergency rescue, they will know exactly how many people are stuck between check points and are to be rescued. Doctors will be knowing the pre existing medical condition of the person who they are treating by looking up the details of the patient on their phone after scanning the tag. In case of lost and found also, kids or elder people can be easily identified and announced at check points.

Hotel personnel in the region can scan traveller's tag and get details like name, address and phone number by using custom app that restricts more information.

The Solution is NFC based User tracking system where user passes each checkpoint to give us an indication of number of people between the checkpoints. This helps in targeting more rescue missions during accidents, disasters, etc., to places between checkpoints with more people. Also with NFC, it will be easier to identify the user easily, be at the checkpoints, hospitals, lost and found counters etc.

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