Flood AR

The simulation program shows the AR images of the aviator created based on your personal profile and depth of water, projected on the the street where you are walking.

The survivors of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake share the difficulty of evacuating in water. They say the black water takes away the visibility of the ground condition which is full of debris. And strong currents make it difficult to walk straight.

Flood AR was developed based on the real voices of the survivors of the tsunami and coded by a developer in Ishinomaki who actually experienced a tsunami.

Key features: 

1. Create your own avatar that behaves under the influence of water related natural disaster (floods, Tsunami, earthquake)
2. Set the Start and Goal for the simulated evacuation route.
3.AR assisted tour to the evacuation point.
4. Feedback on the distance, simulated time to the goal and actual time to get to the evacuation point.


Flood AR