SITA - School Infrastructure Tracking Application

A mobile-based application that will allow stakeholders (SMC members, NGO staff, Government officials) to track the status of infrastructure facilities in schools, like toilets, drinking water, barrier-free access etc., and provide feedback on their maintenance. This GPS enabled application will allow users to upload the photographs of the ground reality, and enter the status of the infrastructure from a list of available parameters. This information will automatically be uploaded to a website that will show updates for each school on a map, and generate heat-maps showing the status, and improvement, of school infrastructure across a state.
SITA is being rolled out in the state of Gujarat as a pilot, so you’ll see all the relevant materials and data included.

Key features: 

Location detection, location reporting along with full address, dashboard with easy to understand legends, filtering/analytics to show state of schools at city/panchayat/taluk/district/state level so that respective representatives can take action
iOS app and Android Apps are ready so that any individual can start reporting quality of school facilities
Charts and rich visualizations to highlight the issues thru heat maps, charts, aggregates, etc.