Online Innovation Challenge

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Code For Resilience hackathons are ongoing February - May in sites around the world. But what comes next?

What is the Online Innovation Challenge?

The C4R Online Innovation Challenge connects innovators - many of whom tackled disaster resilience problems at hackathon events - with mentors for online support and guidance to refine their projects into apps that are  better prepared for implementation and impact.

What is the Challenge timeline?

When does the Challenge begin?

The Online Challenge begins in March 2014. See the Code For Resilience timeline below for more context:


Who can participate in the Online Challenge?

Anyone with a project or idea that address a problem statement is welcome to register for the Online Challenge. However, to ensure that the Mentors' time is best spent on concrete feedback and iteration, participants must know enough specific details about their idea to complete the Project Submission Form. In doing so, they will have the option to register their project into the Online Challenge.

How do I register for the Online Challenge?

Whether it is conceived at a hackathon or elsewhere, the starting point for the Online Challenge is your project. Submit your project here, and you'll be prompted with a choice to enroll the project in the Online Challenge. Once most of the hackathons are concluded in February 2014, you will receive a confirmation and information about next steps. Please note, registration for the OIC is now closed.