SIK Navigator (HoaTieu)

Connect - Support
Locate and update status of ships in the area and direct the ships to support each other in emergency rescue missions.
Navigate - Direct
Use accelerometer sensor and compass integrated into machine body to provide navigating data to fishermen and help them reach the safest place or approach rescue ships the fastest.
Based on data from weather forecasts transmitted through 3G, GPRS, EDGES and GSMd, SMS or USSD to update location of storm eyes and affected areas to help fishermen refrain from dangerous areas.

To the Rescue

This is a Pebble Smart watch and smart phone app for you to send rescue alerts to your emergency contacts. The App is Free. The "Emergency/Rescue Contact" list is set up by you as part of your profile setting in the App. The people from this list will be contacted, alerted and notified instantaneously via the "To The Rescue" App. The people on the "Emergency/Rescue Contact" list will receive details about your location and should be able to contact you via phone, text and email etc. Additional planned features are the following

SITA - School Infrastructure Tracking Application

Problem statement
The Right to Education (RtE) Act 2009 mandates certain infrastructure norms for each school. Tracking the implementation of building school infrastructure as per norms, their maintenance, and feedback from various stakeholders to the Government authorities, and timely action, all on a large scale is a challenge, which American India Foundation is trying to resolve.

Disaster Resilience

Disaster Resilience – a mobile application which strongly supports people as well as rescue teams in emergency situations. Our product is maintained by three amazing advantages:

- Only one big red SOS button in the main screen. Concise and focused.
- Maximize the delivery of signals with preference of Internet, phone network, GPS connection and then flashlight, sound and Bluetooth.
- Signal is automatically sent when SOS button is kicked off.

Selamat dari Banjir (Survive the Jakarta Flood)

Selamat dari Banjir (Survive the Jakarta Flood) is an Android app for predicting incoming flood to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, before it happens. This app can give alerts to the user when the flood is about to come. For predicting the flood, this application is equipped by an Artificial Intelligence by processing weather and water gate condition in real time.


In the Philppines, after a disaster hit an area, town leaders need to assess the damage and needs of his/her area. It has been one of the best practices to get these kind of information to have a better relief, rehabilitation and recovery operation. With only a handful of members to do this very strategic move, the provincial and national government, as well as the international community, will be left with a blurred picture of the current situation.


is an integrated solution for easy reporting and management of disaster situations using an open API. The project aims to help the government determine what the affected individuals by the disaster need and the locations where a disaster have been reported.


PINXALA (pronouced as "pin-sa-la" and translated in english as "damage") is an application that is used to:

(1) collect exposure data and generate summary of vulnerabilities of a municipality/city, province or region,

(2) collect damage assessment report data which can be used in formulating post-damage and casualty impact report. Both functions supports geotagged pictures of the corresponding data submitted to a central server which consolidates and maps all records, and


DisasterHub is a tool composed of a web dashboard and a mobile application that aims to help the Philippine government agencies and local government units (LGU’s) in sending public alerts whenever there is an impending hazard as well as aid in collecting exposure data and post-disaster damage assessment.


Subscription service available via web and android interfaces.
Alerts subscribers via SMS who are close to an impending storm/hazard.