To the Rescue

Short Description: 

A simple distress broadcaster on the pebble smart watch and smart phones

Project description: 

This is a Pebble Smart watch and smart phone app for you to send rescue alerts to your emergency contacts. The App is Free. The "Emergency/Rescue Contact" list is set up by you as part of your profile setting in the App. The people from this list will be contacted, alerted and notified instantaneously via the "To The Rescue" App. The people on the "Emergency/Rescue Contact" list will receive details about your location and should be able to contact you via phone, text and email etc. Additional planned features are the following
1. Consent to notify 911, Local Police authorities etc
2. Consent to notify "Good Samaritan" community. (This is the community of volunteers designated by this group who can be contacted in case of any emergency and are in the area near you).
3. Consent to notify your Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. contacts.
4. Facebook feature to add your friends and connections to the "Emergency/Rescue contact" list
5. Facebook, Twitter, Google integration