Selamat dari Banjir (Survive the Jakarta Flood)

Short Description: 

App for protecting you from floods that occur frequently in Jakarta, Indonesia

Project description: 

Selamat dari Banjir (Survive the Jakarta Flood) is an Android app for predicting incoming flood to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, before it happens. This app can give alerts to the user when the flood is about to come. For predicting the flood, this application is equipped by an Artificial Intelligence by processing weather and water gate condition in real time.

The artificial intelligence system is built from data of weather condition and water gate condition using WEKA software. WEKA is a popular free software that can build the artificial intelligence model. See more WEKA detail in Weather data accessed from and water gate in Jakarta accessed from .

Key features: 

Real-time condition (Save, Be Careful, or Flood)
Show water gate condition
Show weather condition
Searching specific place condition