AtoZ Disaster

App will receive disaster notification and send location for support center.

Siaga Banjir (Jakarta Flood Alert)

*update May 30, 2014*
Dear Judges,

Along with this page, we have also update our Demo version that can be downloaded through (English version) and our app at (Indonesian version). Both are in v1.6.

Update includes:
- Tutorial on first run (requires uninstall on currently installed device)
- List of saved location
- Bugs fixing

Digitization of housing surveys for disaster relief

We are working on the Mobile App of FDMA Department(FATA Disaster Management Authority ) , After around 392,000 families were displaced from FATA over the past few years, and now that they are returning, the government must make every effort to ensure that they have adequate housing upon their return. The government needs a way to conduct quick and efficient digital surveys, as well as to disseminate information to citizens about the housing program. Insights: Mobile phones, especially smartphones, are an ideal way to conduct digital surveys as well as disseminating information.

Red Signal

Mapping out high-risk areas for disaster damage ( flood, cyclones, earthquakes )
Showing Nearby Shelter center according to user’s position
Mapping out
Graphical representation
By using recent statistics it will map out the disaster prone areas so that a infrastructure building guideline can be established
Making peoples life safer by providing with safe areas, routes
Help the government by providing real time data about disasters and their condition


Anytime! is a cooperative communication platform offering real-time help according to user’s language, nationality and location.

To solve “Disaster information network for foreigners” issue (, it's crucial to build a service having high usability, popularity and trust. Therefore, Anytime! is designed not only for emergency situations but also for daily life.

CHASM (Combined Hydrology And Slope Stability Model)

CHASM is an integrated slope hydrology/slope stability software package. The dynamics of slope hydrology are computed using a finite difference formulation that accommodates unsaturated and saturated soil water conditions.