Anytime! is a cooperative communication platform offering real-time help according to user’s language, nationality and location.

To solve “Disaster information network for foreigners” issue (, it's crucial to build a service having high usability, popularity and trust. Therefore, Anytime! is designed not only for emergency situations but also for daily life.

In 2013, there were more than 220 million immigrants. That number will double in the next 30 years. In addition, the number of overseas travellers exceeds 1 billion and increases 4~5% annually.

These trends of globalization ask new questions: for instance, how to help immigrants and travellers involved in emergencies? Governments have not reached a suitable solution. We believe that we have.

Leveraging the worldwide use of smartphones (over 1.4 billion in 2013) Anytime! provides a cooperative communication platform offering real-time help according to a user’s language, nationality and location.
It aids foreigners, travellers and people who need location related information in usable languages, especially in emergency situations.

We believe Anytime! is the simplest and most efficient solution for emergency information when in a foreign country.

Our team has Japanese and Vietnamese members. We were inspired to create Anytime! by our world travels and living abroad. Some of our members were foreigners living in the US when the terror attacks on 9/11/2001. Others were foreigners living in Japan during the Great East Japan Earthquake on 3/11/2011. All of us experienced the difficulty of reaching certain information or help and witnessed the panic of helpless people. For this reason, we are committed to helping non-native people.

The concept of building Anytime! won the Google Award in the Code For Resilience hackathon event in Tokyo, Japan (Feb 2014).


1. Use iPhone/iPad running iOS 7+
2. Open following link from Mobile Safari browser

3. Input username/ password to login
** Currently Anytime! is available for the judges only. If you would like to try the app, please contact us at: for the detailed instruction
4. Tap on the link in the page to download Anytime!


Please checkout:
- Anytime! product introduction video (Attached below, English/Japanese/Vietnamese subtitles are available)

- Feature demo video channel:
- Anytime! home page:
- Facebook page:


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Key features: 

Instant messaging threads for real-time problem solving
Real-time disaster and evacuation information
Multilingual user interface
Language matching
Local information delivery
Location information matching
Social ranking with Anytime! point
Location-based emergency calls
Share health history
Search by contents
Search by location
Single Sign On
Smart content browsing
Free access globally


Anytime! - Product Introduction (short version)

Anytime! - Product Introduction

Anytime! - Feature Demo (Version 2)