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This is a web system in which refugee, government,emergency task and people in public can share refugees' needs or requests without any filtering/intervention.This service could lead donation goods and government supplies to quicker distribution and more effective usage.Basic schema.The data are stored as Resource Description Framework format which is well-known as data schema free. The information can be shared in many ways and can be added with additional properties.

Haiti rescue

'Haiti Rescue' is a web-based management tool that allows to the departement of civil protection of Haiti to know the preparation level, risk exposition and vulnerability of each municipality or sub-municipality when facing natural disaster just using a map
How we brought this project about:
1-) We created a web form which will gather information from the person who is charge of submitting information regarding the municipality he has to monitor

Selamat dari Banjir (Survive the Jakarta Flood)

Selamat dari Banjir (Survive the Jakarta Flood) is an Android app for predicting incoming flood to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, before it happens. This app can give alerts to the user when the flood is about to come. For predicting the flood, this application is equipped by an Artificial Intelligence by processing weather and water gate condition in real time.

Siaga Banjir (Jakarta Flood Alert)

*update May 30, 2014*
Dear Judges,

Along with this page, we have also update our Demo version that can be downloaded through (English version) and our app at (Indonesian version). Both are in v1.6.

Update includes:
- Tutorial on first run (requires uninstall on currently installed device)
- List of saved location
- Bugs fixing


There is a estimation that if the evacuation was properly conducted, the majority of the two thousand casualties may have survived from the Tsunami that struck the Tohoku region in 2011.

"Nigechizu"(Evacuation map) is a method to visualize the proper evacuation route and time in the vulnerable areas for Tsunami. Initially by workshops, the residents will be enthused and alerted to recognize the risk of Tsunami using there own time and effort.

SITA - School Infrastructure Tracking Application

A mobile-based application that will allow stakeholders (SMC members, NGO staff, Government officials) to track the status of infrastructure facilities in schools, like toilets, drinking water, barrier-free access etc., and provide feedback on their maintenance. This GPS enabled application will allow users to upload the photographs of the ground reality, and enter the status of the infrastructure from a list of available parameters.

InSTEDD Watchfire

Watchfire is a simple and yet powerful system that initiates and tracks the process of
building a volunteer response team with people who are geographically close 
to each other through phone calls and text message.

Blood Donors Network

The Blood Donors Network app addresses the Philippines' need to increase blood collection by building and maintaining a sustainable community of voluntary blood donors.

Blood Donors Network is an app that builds and maintains a sustainable community of voluntary blood donors in the Philippines. In 2011, the Philippine Red Cross reported the country’s total blood collection was 550,000 units, which was 400,000 units below what is needed by the population, meaning that 80,0000 patients were not provided blood when they immediately needed it.

Help Me!

A solution which consolidates the most sought after emergency services: police, fire and ambulance with a phone app, operator console and reporting application.


Vesuvius is focused on the disaster preparedness and response needs of the medical community, contributing to family reunification and assisting with hospital triage. Vesuvius’s development is led by the US National Library of Medicine as part of the Bethesda Hospitals Emergency Preparedness Partnership to serve area hospitals, medical facilities and jurisdictions with a need to tie intake records with missing/found persons reports submitted by the public.


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