Quick Disaster

We proposed “Quick Disaster” as a quick, simple and solutive solution for this matter. That is also caused by the fact that this is a visual and audio based application for Wearable Device (Google Glass). The solution is delivered in three phases; pre, during and after the disaster. For the pre-disaster, the application can detect regions that have encountered disaster in the past*. Therefore, the user can be informed with the disasters that happens near the user's location to increase the anticipation if a disaster occurred the area.

During the disaster, the application can give a solution that can be executed when the user faces the disaster. The disaster anticipation steps will include the solution for 9 disasters, that is during volcanic eruption, landslide, tornado, earthquake, volcanic ashfall, flood, fire, and tsunami. It can also show the location including post evacuation areas* nearby. This feature is supported by Location Based Service using a GPS sensor available, and the user’s coordinate location will be integrated with the data. After the disaster, the application can be integrated with Social Media (Quick Disaster G+ Account) to inform about disaster happening in the user's area, so it will enable people to immediately know the current condition in order to send logistical help more easily.

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Disaster Map Coordinate Api


Quick DIsaster - Earthquake