C4F Alert

Short Description: 

A mobile app for disaster resilience

Project description: 

The most common reason that make people suffer from disaster is the lack of information and preparation and slow reaction from rescue organization and government. Our software is helping people to solve this.

If you join the community of this software then you have responsibility for your safety by response our information about disaster and you can receive helping from the others

We will provide you information about the disaster as soon as possible and your mission is response your situation as soon as possible. if you OK then press OK, if you need help then press SOS. By your response, the rescue organization and volunteer know your emergency situation and help you.

If you are a volunteer or people from a rescue organization then you will know about list of people will need the help and their location and situation.

Key features: 

Realtime and accurate disaster alert from official organization and verified community
Safety Instruction with each type of disaster
Information for rescue organization