Digitization of housing surveys for disaster relief

Short Description: 

Create an Android-based survey of housing damage to help displaced families

Crisis Statement: 

Due to insecurity, large-scale displacement of populations throughout FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) has led to millions of people being displaced to camps and spontaneous settlements over the past years exacerbating the ongoing challenges and the miseries that the people of FATA have to deal with on a daily basis.

391,627 families were displaced from FATA and after the normalization of the situation and establishment of the writ of the Government, safe returns of the displaced population has been ensured by the Government. The government has as such  provided every kind of facility to displaced communities so as to bring the situation to normal levels. This is reflected in the fact that to date around 151,287 families have returned to different agencies of FATA

The displacement from FATA was for a longer period as compared to Malakand, which naturally led to greater damages to public infrastructure specially housing. Most of the damages were due to the extensive operation in the area and non-maintenance of public infrastructure most notably housing in the area.    

 Government of Pakistan has supported the returnee families by providing them housing compensation under a programme to start their livelihood. Currently, affected beneficiaries submit paper survey forms articulating the damage to their homes. We need to turn this into a  digital process.

Needs Statement: 

The government needs a way to conduct quick and efficient digital surveys, as well as to disseminate information to citizens about the housing program. Mobile phones, especially smartphones, are an ideal way to conduct digital surveys as well as disseminating information. This might include:

• A digital survey of the damaged housing on android based PDAs (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2), which includes providing address in the questionnaire and by GPS coordinates fetched along with the Photo of Beneficiary in front of damaged House at the time of survey. The existing paper survey form is attached to this problem statement.

• An online database to store this information

• The ability for users to track the status of their compensation by entering in their CNIC and Form Number

• The provision of mobile SMS information service for the beneficiaries.

Currently the data is captured on hard copies and picture and GPS coordinates are taken separately which are then added to the data base.

 FDMA intends to undertake the future survey of around 50,000 houses on PDAs. This will give credibility to the future surveys and also facilitation to the beneficiaries which will be able to access the information online and through mobile sms. 

Follow-up statement: 

The FATA Disaster Management Authority could implement this in its actual programming potentially improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries.


We have almost done with this application.

We have almost done with this application.Soon we will release its beta version, and after verifying from FDMA , it will be authorized to Department.