Damage and Loss Assessment (DaLA) in InaSAFE

Short Description: 

QGIS desktop plugin - Integrate a prototype of DaLA into InaSAFE

Crisis Statement: 

After a disaster, there is often a need to estimate the damages and losses incurred from the event. How can GIS Tools, Hazard and Exposure data, vulnerability and price data, ... can be used to facilitate the assessment exercise. The same methodology can also be used to give an impact analysis in terms of damages and losses based on disaster scenarios.

Needs Statement: 

Develop a prototype for a specific use case and understand all the challenges (in terms of data availability, DaLA methodology, ...) and evaluate if a tool that automate part of the DaLA assessment can be developed.
The ideal platform for this particular case is to use InaSAFE (inasafe.org), since It allows easy extension of functionality and is also an open source platform.

Follow-up statement: 

InaSAFE is an open source platform and as such open to anyone to join, and contribute their work. Developers and users will receive feed-backs and support through the projetct's mailing list